Case Study : Increase Conversions by 32%?

In May of 2010 Karsten Lund, a conversion specialist from, recently carried out a six-month long A/B test to determine whether an E-mark badge (certifies ethical conduct of Danish businesses) impacted the conversion rate. He wrote a detailed case study in Danish and we recommend you to read it here (if you understand the language). For those who prefer to read the case study in English, continue below.

Karsten tested the presence of E-mark (the eye-like icon in the image above) on an eCommerce store called House of Kids. In this test, 50% of the visitors saw this badge and 50% did not. Karsten observed that if the security badge requires a user to click, it actually decreases conversions because s/he is taken away from the website and is not able to complete the purchase. Honesty in Commerce has overcome this barrier by making our shield validate within the page, without taking the user away.

The Results

Yes, you read it right, a 32% increase in conversions with the E-mark badge. And Karsten ran the test long enough to make sure result was statistically significant.


ECommerce Expert Ron Rule
Karsten's Article (Danish)